Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 188

I have a semi-new project.

And I need support.

Because I SUCK at completing projects.

I tend to be a lazy-ass who procrastinates.

I promised Zee that I would have a novel written by the time she comes home.

I am waaaaaaaaaaay behind schedule.

Like, if I want to have 50,000 words in 188 Days

I have 47,000 to go.

So I am going to try and power my way to being caught up!

To this extent, I'm starting a project I will call



May Day.


Starting May 1 (tomorrow)

Until May 30

I will write as much as I possibly can towards my story.

Every day in my blog, I will give an update on my new word count.

Here in Tennessee, I have my sister who has volunteered to be a general nuisance

and kick my lazy butt into writing.

But if I can have your lovely help in kicking my butt

that would be appreciated too.


As of today, before my challenge/project, I have

2,291 Words

which is just a little shy of my total....

So please cheer me on for the month of May!

Thank you in advance!!


  1. Oooooh!!!!! I'm anxious to see how this goes!!
    Good luck!! It'll definitely help pass time!!

  2. I'm a lazy procrastinator too :)

  3. Amazing! What is your Novel about?


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