Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 214

Well, April is surely doing its job.

It is definitely raining.

Just as the weather starts to warm up, there's a downpour that lowers the temperature by 20 degrees. It's a cycle.

It's a cycle that Middle Tennessee has experienced about four times since the end of February.

WaaaaaaaarmRAINcold. :(

WaaaaaaaarmRAINcold. :( :(

The South tends to have great weather, but the transition seasons are always SUCH teases.

But since talk about the weather tends to be boring, here's what I did today:

I got my car fixed and diagnosed - mostly. I figure I have another $400 to spend before she's in tip-top shape. (Ignoring the huge dent in my driver-side door...)

I had an eye appointment for the first time in 4 years! It made my eyes feel funny...

I ordered three pair of prescription glasses off of Zenni Optical for $61!! (I'm not being asked or paid to endorse this. It's seriously just an awesome thing. I'll let you know how I like the glasses when they arrive.)

I did all my laundry!

I started the packing process because OH MY FUCKING GOD ZEE IS ALMOST HERE.


I also picked out all my work outfits for the week. Go. Me.

Here's what I didn't do today:

Finish writing my feature thing for Amber. I suuuuck.

Finish writing this Salon Today feature for work. I suuuuuuck.

Notice that I've started them...

....I notice that both of those are features. Maybe I have a problem with features. Hmmmm.

Can I get a little inspiration for doing all this writing? Because I really just want to shower, fix my hair, eat dinner, and read read read read I'm drooling with book love read read read read read read I have so many new books read read read....

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