Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 211



My days are lasting twice as long as normal.

I have a countdown to Zee running on my phone.

I wake up in the morning and check.

It says, "X Days Remaining."


On my drive home from work at the end of the day, I think to myself,

"Hmmm... So, I have, like, Y days left, right?"

I get home. I check my phone.

It says, "X Days Remaining."

I reply,



I have been such a bad blogger friend.

I apologize.

On March 26 (ages ago, I know), I receive a style award from

I'm not sure what I did to deserve being called "Stylish" buuuuuut

I'll take it.

Now, the rules of this say that I have to list 10 - 15 blogs.


10 to 15?

That's ridiculous.

I don't know that many people in my every-day life who I'd call stylish.

And I work in a salon.

So I'll pass it on to THREE people.

And you're gonna LIKE it.

1. Heather @ Altogether Heather
We've been e-shopping together
in order to survive work this week.
This girl has amazing taste in shoes.
I miss sharing a wardrobe with her.

(I know a lot of repeats... but I have such love!)
Because she has my favorite blog theme
and awesome style!

3. "Aaron X" @ Vanity
Total Wildcard?
But I think she's awesome.
Not military affiliated that I know of.
Not that that matters.
Her posts are always so poignant and inspirational.
They make me want to be a better blogger.
And her posts make me think
that she has amazing style.
I imagine her as a cute little Asian.
And we all know how much I love Asians.

The next part of this award is listing seven facts.

Sigh. So much damn work.

Still. I was thinking this morning that I didn't do one of the last Friday Fill-ins (although I was sorely tempted) because one question stumped me.

The question wanted to know if I had any irrational fears.

And I couldn't think of any.

All my fears make total sense.

Drowning? Duh.
Spiders? Hell yeah.
Failure? Understandable.

Then this morning, while brushing my teeth, it hit me.

1. I have an irrational fear of having halitosis - bad breath. I'm not talking "oops, I ate garlic & onion. let me brush my teeth" bad breath. I'm talking about the chronic bad breath. The unavoidable mess made by disgusting buildup produced by whatever fucked up glands your tongue and throat have.

So every morning I scrub the tongue, gagging myself with my own toothbrush to scrape at my tongue. If that's not excessive and irrational, I don't know what is.

2. My library has about 350 books in it. That number makes me sad. It needs to be bigger.

3. Every time I watch Rocky Horror Picture Show, I'm convinced there's some higher meaning to it all that continues to elude me.

4. The lowest grade I've ever made for a class over-all is a B. (Four exactly. Only one [maybe two] was deserved.)

5. I use Fact 4 in Never Have I Ever, because I'm nearly guaranteed to get everyone around me.

6. My fear of spiders started when I was about seven or eight, and a spider as big as my leg crawled up onto my thigh. When I shook it off, I couldn't see where it had gone.
Color me freaked out.

7. I always kinda wanted to try out for cheerleading in high school, but I didn't want to shave my legs that often...


I want to again link up with Amber at Goodnight Moon
because the song below popped up on my shuffle tonight.

John Williams is a good composer, I suppose.
There's just this one problem...

Star Wars
Indiana Jones
Harry Potter

At least 11 movies (possibly 19 - I stopped listening) movies.

One. Song.

I promise you.

Listen to the movies.

You'll hear how unbelievably similar the themes are.

So, several years ago, my mother got me the soundtrack to Memoirs of a Geisha for Christmas
because I love Asians...
And I groaned when I saw that it was composed by John Williams.

Only to find

He got this one right.

Thank you, John, for composing a second song.

sorry for such a long post! thanks for sticking with me!!


  1. Okay, I just listened to that whole song as I read your blog. LISTEN...I have to admit something to you....but don't tell anyone...I also have that same fear about my breath! Seriously! I am so nervous when someone comes into my space, I always take a step back because I'm afraid that my breath stinks! I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way!

    Thanks for linking up this week! Your awesome!

  2. Part one: Yay for X days! I am hoping X = single digit number.
    Part two: Duh you are stylish! Own it! And God, now I hope I don't get one because I can't imagine doing that much blog work for a small square image, that I probably wont put on my blog homepage.
    Part three: Love the song. I am obsessed with movie scores. This is definitely a goody!

  3. I LOVE you. i had a shitty night and you just made me feel better. <3

  4. New follower from Milspouse round up!

  5. I have a ton of books, but I always want more. The Soldier has refused to pack and more any more of them, so I had to get a Kindle :)

    Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!


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