Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 213

Even though the meme isn't running right now, it is Tuesday, and I feel like sharing photos.

I had a bit of fun dress shopping with my sister. I needed a new dress to wear when I go to pick Zee up at the airport. I was looking for something summery and fun, but ended up getting something a little dressier. Anyhow, I bought two other dresses in addition for the temporary homecoming dress. Here's a preview I gave to Zee the other night.

This dress was too informal. I wasn't feeling it. Nice enough for a mirror photo. Not not enough for a purchase.

Now this dress was too businessy. However, I think I need to go back and get it, because business is looking good.

We switched stores and I found this beauty.

You know you wanted a close up. Gooooooorgeous. I bought. How could I not? I had my sister tear the store down to find my size, because (you can't see it) this one was a liiiittle too tight.

Part of my preparation for Zee's R&R is cleaning my car! And this is my favorite part of the car wash.

All the pretty colors...

I have resigned myself to the fact that there's no way I can completely de-catify my person while still living in a house with two cats. I will just have to load Zee up on Claritin...

The Beautiful Birthday Bouquet my coworkers got for me! They died today...

Beckie had asked to see the purple in my hair. I've already Twittered it for her, but I thought I should share it with all of y'all too! I had to wait for the purple to fade a little, because, when the dye is fresh, it's almost as dark as my base!

Finally, this one is for Zee, because I saw this and wondered if this is her dream haircut - or at least close to it. She's said that as soon as (or "if" I suppose...) she gets out of the Army, she was cutting her hair off. Super short in the back, and long in the front. I think this pretty much fits that definition!

Thanks for sticking around! I hope you enjoyed my little phone dump!


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Gorgeous!! And that last dress? DYING.

    You're so itsy bitsy and cute and hip. Love love love <3

  2. Oh my goodness, all the dresses are fantastic. The last one is simply amazing! Love love love it.

  3. I absolutely love the last dress! And love the purple too! I wanted purple or blue in mine. What do you think? P.S. Thanks for the FB love. :D

  4. I love all of those dresses

  5. and you went shopping where?? wherever it was, i hope you bought *all* of those dresses. you look adorable in every one. [ps - when does r&r start? or do you get a defined date?]


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