Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 155

I promised myself I wouldn't miss the song link-up!

I also promised that I wouldn't link up another foreign song, but tonight my sister and I are watching Devdas...

I've seen it before - and it's such a sad movie - so I'm not able to pay perfect attention to it.

The parts that do have my full attention are the songs - so beautiful and emotional!

This song in particular has meaning. On the day he left to study abroad, Parvati lit a candle to guide her love, Devdas, home. Ten years later, word has finally arrived that he is heading back.

Even though they were just children when he went, she never forgot and she never let the lamp die. This song is an illustration of the lamp's fortitude. The servants try to extinguish the light several times in this song, but nothing works. It's almost like the lamp, and Pavarti's love, is magical and all-powerful.

sorry I was gone for so long
well, five days isn't long
work and Zee were stressing me out
I needed a break
I should be back now
if work doesn't absolutely kill me tomorrow
I should be able to post again
cross your fingers


  1. I don't watch many foreign films, but I love the music. This is a very nice song :) Her voice is beautiful!

  2. I love this actress, she's in Bride and Prejudice too right? She is so freaking beautiful it makes me super jealous lol.

  3. Why not link up a foriegn song? I love it!!!! Seriously...I told you that last week. I enjoy other cultures and hearing their music. There is something that is just so soothing about it. I loved this weeks video! Adore it!!! Thanks for linking up again this week!

  4. oh my god she's so beautiful.

  5. I actually love this film my senior hs english teacher made us watch it. LOVE IT!!! great choice!


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