Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 147

Since music posts are all I can seem to manage these days, let's just go with that.

Yesterday in the hour I had before work, I posted "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar, because (1) amazing song and (2) I feel like it's my anthem to the conquerable troubles Zee and I are having to face right now.

Today I'm not going to be personal. Instead of looking inward, I will be looking outward.

I have become something shy of obsessed with the History Channel's show "Ancient Aliens." The premise of the show is to go over the literal MOUNTAIN of evidence that points to extraterrestrials visiting us in our ancient past. Everything from ancients possessing knowledge of stars too far for the human eye to see to their knowledge of the lay of the the Antarctica coastline miles beneath the ocean. From cave-paintings all over the world depicting beings wearing helmets to evidence that our ancestors somehow had possession of nuclear tools, flying crafts, and building knowledge that surpasses our own.

Mmm, like I said, getting close to obsessed...

So when Katy Perry's "Extraterrestial" came out, I jumped all over that.

A few things to say about this video:

1. I think Kanye is a talented and snobby, slimy pit of ultimate douchery.

2. I hate it when rappers remix a song, and what they rap has nothing to do with the message of the song.

3. This video is gorgeous. It's neither over- or under-done, in my opinion.

4. I want Katy Perry's hair-do in the last section of the video. Must find a way to wear my hair like that about once a week when my hair is long.


  1. I love the video, and the song! Your right though. Kanye is a mega DOUCHE BAG! In my PR crisis class I was assigned to be his PR in a class project. It was the hardest assignment ever. And I didn't do so well with the project. Thank god I still got an A, or I would boycott Kanye FOREVER!

    And I also love her hair at the end, but I feel bad for anyone that is walking behind that hair style. I am sure being directly behind that do you wouldn't notice it sticks out quite far and you might just run into it unexpectedly. Then again, that could be quite humorous. Lol.

  2. Thanks for sharing that video. I've heard the song a bunch, but never seen the video. It's so pretty and... unique!


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