Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 143

This weekend I took a trip out-of-state with my mom, her friend, and my sister to go see my brother play his first solo gig.

Things I Did -

Ate fabulous meals.
Visited the restaurant I ate at before my debut as Clara in The Nutcracker
Diagnosed my mother's stomach problem. (We'll hear in a minute if I was correct.)
Sang back-up for my brother.
Got drunk and confronted my father.

...Anyways. Today is overcast and rainy, and my feet are still recovering from my transition to serving...

So with my feet propped up and the sound of drizzling outside, I'm in the mood for something classic.


  1. Just read your about me and it was too cute! Here's to hoping you become that amazing artist your heart crave to be!! I'm following now:-)

  2. Busy weekend. I love love love this song. J'adore Edith Piaf!

  3. I miss your amazing song link-ups. COME BACK!


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